Chocolate Tastings

Chocolate Tastings - we bring the chocolate to you!
Cacao Shoppe hosts bean to bar chocolate tastings with a focus on connecting you and your guests to real chocolate. And we can host your chocolate tasting in several different ways.  Click on the options below and contact us to book your private chocolate tasting!

Corporate Events, Conventions, Training Seminars
Home Parties

"When you take a bite of your next Hershey bar and you think you know what the ingredients are - stop and think again! And who knew chocolate grew on trees? The attendees at SPMetroNY’s Whole Food Expo recently participated in a fabulous presentation on “What’s Chocolate?” given by Jen Ross. She brought delicious samples of chocolate from Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic for us to taste. She has done extensive research on the origin of chocolate and we experienced a wonderful new taste of chocolate bars containing 66-75% cacao as opposed to the chocolate bars you are familiar with which contain only approx 10% cacao and mostly sugar. Jen’s presentation was informative, fun and engaging. All of our attendees loved it. She would a wonderful addition to your next party or event."  Ellen LeMoult, Standard Process Metro New York