Welcome to our Cacao Shoppe

The bean to bar chocolate in our shoppe changes frequently.  If you don’t see your favorite bar, give us a call at (516)343-6247 or contact us here and we will see what we can do to accommodate your chocolate cravings!

All orders must be called in or complete the order form below. We are not processing online at this time.  We will either deliver or ship the chocolate to you.  All chocolate bars are $10 per bar.  Shipping and handling will vary based on the destination.

Here is a list of the chocolate bars that are available currently:

  • Manoa Chocolate, Roasted Cacao Nibs & Hawaiin Coffee, 60% Milk Chocolate
  • Michel Cluizel, Plantation Mokaya, 66% Cacao
  • French Broad Chocolates, Sea Salt, 75% Cacao
  • French Broad Chocolates, Guatemala, 73% Cacao
  • French Broad Chocolates, Nicaragua, 68% Cacao
  • Raaka Maples & Nibs, 75% Cacao
  • Raaka Pink Sea Salt, 71% Cacao
  • Raaka Mint & Nibs, 56% Cacao
  • Blanxart, Filipanas, 71% Cacao
  • Omnom Chocolate, Dark Milk of Tanzania, 65% Cacao
  • Akesson’s Single Plantation Chocolate, Madagascar, 75% Trinitario Cacao
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